Philanthropy Is Finally A Force For Social Justice

We are one step closer to social justice

Scott Cooper Miami: The evolving consciousness of social justice

Scott Cooper Miami wants to draw attention to modern day captains of industry and philanthropists. These individuals have taken a different view of philanthropy, inequality and social justice. We see it at the job of new philanthropists such as Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna. Furthermore, we see it in Bill and Melinda Gates. Additionally, we see in Leonardo DiCaprio commitment to fight against global warming. Indeed we view it in an whole generation of philanthropists. Even visionaries, dedicated to driving social justice by taking a real interest in the well being of beneficiaries and grantees. This is an extremely enjoyable time for philanthropy. The injection of new currency, new associations, fresh ideas, and new technologies all contribute that our industry will likely continue to build on the development of the past decades.


Moreover, this is a pivotal period in our national (and international) conversation about our evolving consciousness of inequality and social justice. In this season alone, we have seen the rise of populism on both left and the right. It’s a response to the unprecedented levels of inequality afflicting our nation and the entire world. We have also seen surveys showing that dissatisfaction with the system is on the rise among young people. This is a reminder that these frustrations will continue, or even increase. This discontent will inevitably (and always) raise hard questions that most people must be prepared to answer. At precisely the same time, as more individuals in positions of power–eventually become more comfortable addressing this tragedy of inequality of disrupting this imbalance our chances improve for more social justice. For institutions such as the Ford Foundation, which have gathered large amounts of capital since their founding, we have to find ways to leverage that capital for social justice and financial outcomes. Now, the base is exploring how we might create our endowment strategy align.

A new generation of donors is leading us to social justice

For the newest generation of donors, this really is a tremendous chance to discover new ways. Additionally, to get facing questions about philanthropy and our economical system intertwine. The new and the established philanthropists have to have this chance to evolve our planet, and our enterprise to grapple with the challenges that we see in our own sector. I couldn’t be more thrilled by–or even more optimistic for–the job we’ll do together in the years ahead to observe this “New Gospel” increasingly preached and practiced across philanthropy.

Dr. Scott Cooper

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