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Scott Cooper Miami Philanthropy is a daily publication of opinion, ideas, and news from the realm of foundations & philanthropy. We follow today's philanthropists as they tackle ambitious challenges such as curing Parkinson's Disease or bringing clean water to the third world.

Since the days of Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" article written in 1889, philanthropy has always been an essential part of American society and our democracy as a whole.

Jesus Linked The Forgiveness of Debt – Money Debts and Spiritual Debt

The idea of debt forgiveness has come into national debate several times during the past year. Much of the push for debt restructuring has come from the left, which is seen as more liberal and progressive-leaning people. The student debt total has already surpassed $1.7 trillion. However, studies have shown that the forgiveness of debt […]

Cuban Migration to Miami

Cuban migration to Miami

The shape of modern-day Miami has been significantly shaped by a Cuban migration creating what’s now known as Cuban Miami. This multiculturalism is reflective the way international policies often influence local communities. According to US census data from 2000, roughly half a million Cubans, many of them professionals and business people, pitched up in Miami […]

Protecting Florida Coral Reefs

Miami Florida Coral Reefs

Florida Coral reefs are among the most captivating natural wonders on our planet. They cover 0.1% of the ocean floor but account for a significantly larger percentage of ocean biodiversity. These underwater structures exist off the shores of over a hundred countries, the vast majority of which are developing nations. What are Coral Reefs? When […]

Whistleblower from Florida Develops Her Own Coronavirus Dashboard

Florida Whistleblower

Last month, Rebekah Jones was let go from her position at the Florida Department of Health. While working there, she helped develop a data portal on Florida’s COVID-19 cases. However, after getting fired, she developed another coronavirus dashboard of her own. Even though it seems quite similar to the health department’s dashboard, there are some […]

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Miami

As the United States was hit by an intense wave of Coronavirus infections and fatalities, many citizens found themselves losing their jobs and financial security. To compensate and aid the workers impacted by these unforeseen circumstances, the US government announced a massive relief fund of $2 trillion.   The Coronavirus relief act aimed to provide […]

How Are People Seeking Therapy During Coronavirus

How Are People Seeking Therapy During Coronavirus?

Social distancing and the stress of the global pandemic will increase the need for therapy during coronavirus. As coronavirus spreads across the world, government institutions and private organizations are introducing strict regulations, which includes maintaining social distancing, to prevent people from contracting it. Factors, such as business shutdown, self-isolation, and social distancing, are taking a […]

Parkinson’s Foundation Florida

Moving Day Twin Cities

Parkinson’s Foundation Florida makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) by improving care and advancing research towards a cure. Although their office is in Miami, they provide education, resources and programs throughout the state of Florida. Whether you are newly diagnosed with PD or have been managing it for years, a care partner, family […]

The Andrew Carnegie Inequality Doctrine

Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami on Carnegie’s Inequality Doctrine Andrew Carnegie in his essay “The Gospel of Wealth,” described massive inequality “as the unavoidable consequence of a free-market system”. But the “Carnegie Inequality Doctrine” was quite wrong about inequality becoming “unavoidable.” In heeding his treatise, the economy was working just fine and that philanthropists had to give […]

Scott Cooper Miami Supports Kids With Autism Get A Job In South Florida

Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami Supports Kids With Autism Get A Job In South Florida Scott Cooper Miami supports kids and parents like Valerie Herskowitz, who opened The Chocolate Spectrum in 2013, her aim was to get a meaningful job for her adult son, who had just graduated from high school but resides with autism. Sales proved […]