Scott Cooper Miami Talks about the Importance of Post-Secondary Education

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Not everyone goes for further education after high school. Some of us are ready to join the workforce right away, while many others simply cannot afford post-secondary education. But, in the current American economic climate, post-secondary education may be a lot more accessible and valuable than you think. Even with the rising tuition costs of many universities, post-secondary education proves to be worth it more often than not.

What Makes Post-Secondary Education Valuable?

Scott Cooper Miami believes in creating opportunities and encouraging people to follow their dreams as far as possible. Post-secondary is an important piece of that puzzle for many people. What makes it so important? Here are a few of the most valuable results of post-secondary education:
  • Wage Increases

On average, those above the age of 25 with any education above high school make more money than those without any extra education. Whether it’s a certificate, associate’s degree, partial college education, or a technical program, wages are consistently higher with any higher education.
  • Opportunities for Improvement

Graduating from high school doesn’t usually lead directly to a stable job and any opportunities for advancement. Post-secondary education gives students a wide array of options for self-improvement and professional development. Opportunities don’t just end with education improvement and increased knowledge. Professional and personal skills are also developed through further education. Most post-secondary education environments expose students to a lot more hobbies, activities, educational tracks, and experiences than they would find in their life otherwise.
  • Networking and Mentorship

Educational institutions of all kinds offer the chance to develop highly valuable professional relationships with your peers, instructors, and other experts you encounter. You’ll have the opportunity to network with so many different people on a regular basis, no matter what kind of education you’re receiving. Instructors in many technical schools and education institutions are also eager to train a willing mind, giving you an easier chance at finding direct mentorship from someone who’s doing or has experience doing what you’re interested in. Mentors are more difficult to find outside of educational institutions. It’s not impossible, but they likely won’t be as easily accessible and willing to become your mentor.
  • Vast Personal Growth

During post-secondary education, you get a little more breathing room to decide what to do with yourself once you’re outside of the high school environment. It can be difficult to develop a vision for your future when you have to jump straight from high school to working directly. You can become stuck in something you didn’t want. Post-secondary education puts a useful spacer on that transition, giving you time to grow more as a person and develop yourself into what you want to be.
  • Job Market Competitiveness

Since before 2000, there’s been a highly visible difference in unemployment at various levels of education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is consistently higher for those with only a high school diploma or those without a high school diploma than it is for some with some college/associate degree or those with a bachelor’s degree and above. The difference between degree holders and high school diploma holders is quite pronounced. While degree holders do experience dips and jumps just like everyone else during periods of economic change, they are not as likely to see extreme changes in either direction while others do. If you have any post-secondary education at all, your chances of being unemployed are reduced. The further you go with your education, the lower the unemployment rate is.  

Post-Secondary Education Is More than Just a Degree

Colleges and universities are valuable learning institutions, but they’re not the only places that qualify as post-secondary education. Technical colleges, training institutes, community colleges, and career training colleges are all included in post-secondary education and can all provide the same value. Make your choice depending on what you want to do and the next steps you can take instead of being pushed to pursue a 4-year degree without any plan in mind.  

Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Winners

In November 2018, Scott Cooper Miami awarded two scholarships worth $500 each to students pursuing post-secondary education in select fields. The recipients of the scholarship had to talk about how they will use their education to be leaders in their field. Scott Cooper Miami values education and is working to help encourage current students to find their ideal future through education.

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