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The Andrew Carnegie Inequality Doctrine

Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami on Carnegie’s Inequality Doctrine Andrew Carnegie in his essay “The Gospel of Wealth,” described massive inequality “as the unavoidable consequence of a free-market system”. But the “Carnegie Inequality Doctrine” was quite wrong about inequality becoming “unavoidable.” In heeding his treatise, the economy was working just fine and that philanthropists had to give […]

Scott Cooper Miami Supports Kids With Autism Get A Job In South Florida

Scott Cooper Miami

Scott Cooper Miami Supports Kids With Autism Get A Job In South Florida Scott Cooper Miami supports kids and parents like Valerie Herskowitz, who opened The Chocolate Spectrum in 2013, her aim was to get a meaningful job for her adult son, who had just graduated from high school but resides with autism. Sales proved […]

Scott Cooper Miami Reveals Which Types Of Jobs Wells Fargo Is Cutting Next

Wells Fargo Cutting Jobs

Scott Cooper From Miami Reveals Which Types Of Jobs Wells Fargo Is Cutting Next Scott Cooper Miami revealed on Tuesday Wells Fargo said it slashed thousands of jobs last year by dropping direction positions, centralizing functions and additional steps — and that more cuts are in store for 2019. Wells, which has its largest job […]

Scott Cooper Miami Mitt Romney Says Trump has caused worldwide dismay

Mitt Romney Scott Cooper Miami Reports

Mitt Romney Scott Cooper Miami Reports Mr Romney was fiercely critical of Mr Trump before but won his backing for his run in Utah. Writing in the Washington Post, he said the US president hadn’t”risen to the mantle” of the presidency. Sworn in, has prompted some to speculate he’s positioning himself as a challenger to […]

Scott Cooper Miami How Technology Has Improved Education

Scott Cooper Miami

Technology has forever changed the way we interact with the world. One area that’s seen significant change is education. Education at all age levels has changed a lot over the years, but post-secondary education has seen the most change. For the most part, changes brought on by technology have been positive. Scott Cooper Miami supports […]

Scott Cooper Miami on the Power of Scholarships for Post-Secondary Students

scott cooper miami

Scholarships empower students. Even smaller scholarships have the potential to dramatically change the life of a student going through post-secondary education. Scott Cooper Miami believes in the empowerment of people to seek out a better future for themselves and their families. One way to do this is to provide educational scholarships. Cost as a Barrier […]

Scott Cooper Miami Talks about the Importance of Post-Secondary Education

scott cooper miami

Not everyone goes for further education after high school. Some of us are ready to join the workforce right away, while many others simply cannot afford post-secondary education. But, in the current American economic climate, post-secondary education may be a lot more accessible and valuable than you think. Even with the rising tuition costs of […]

“Never Forget the Drug Wars” Warns The Scott Cooper Miami Project

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Miami, FL has gained a reputation as a crime hot spot. Lately, it seems to be considered the misfit of the Sunshine State. But how did Miami get such a bad rap? To answer that question, Scott Cooper Miami CEO, says we must go back to 1979. This was the start of the Miami drug […]